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Your Problem, Pregnant

5th March 2014

Every problem is pregnant with its very solution; it brings an opportunity right in its womb. But we don’t normally see it that way. 

We look at the problem and get desperate. Stress takes hold. Anxiety flourishes. And then we’re not able to think, just worry.

Change your attitude.

Ask yourself: What’s the opportunity behind this problem?

  • Your wife’s jealousy could be an opportunity to re-conquer her.
  • Losing your job can give you time and be the motivation you need to finally start your own business
  • Your addiction can show you the need to make radical changes in your habits

No matter what the problem is, the opportunity is there, in disguise.

You just need to discover it.

Bishop Renato Cardoso

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Quote of the Day

If all is unwell, keep yourself well.

Bishop Julio Freitas

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