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Lust & Guilt

28th August 2014

Guilt is a much stronger feeling than lust.

Long after lust has faded, guilt still remains. Lust is subject to time and circumstances. Guilt is not.

Lust can be controlled. Guilt is an inevitable consequence.

Lust needs to be fed. Guilt has a life of its own.

Before you act upon and give in to your lusts, think about the high and irreversible price of guilt. It’s not worth it. Anyone who’s gone through it knows what it is like.

If you have been strongly tempted by your lusts, change your focus and stop feeding them. Soon they will be just a distant memory, and you will be a happy person for not having acted upon them.

Bishop Renato Cardoso

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Quote of the Day

If all is unwell, keep yourself well.

Bishop Julio Freitas

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