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Special update

Responding to the questions that we have received, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) in Australia would like to clarify the following:


The UCKG is aware and will continue to follow on with the development of precautions, on a national and international level that have been implemented in the prevention and fight against the COVID-19 virus.

With the objective to attain the same measures occurring in the local premises and worksites, we have composed a series of measures to be taken into effect:


• Displaying official notices provided by the Department of Health Australia.

• Providing the means to practice good personal hygiene (hand sanitiser and/or washing hands with soap)


• Raise awareness - Action will be undertaken by Church ministers to avoid being in close physical contact/proximity with members and also minimising physical contact amongst members. 


• Providing multiple services throughout the day in order to avoid crowds 

( Headquarters 7am/10am/3pm/6pm/7:30pm ). 

For other locations call us on (02) 9602 9837. 


• Direct and updated contact with its counterparts in countries where the COVID-19 virus outbreak has already resulted in, regarding restrictive social measures, in order to prepare for the best practices to be implemented. 


Notwithstanding these measures, the UCKG cannot disregard its social responsibility; accompanying the needy, opening its doors to those who don’t have anyone to turn to and acting as a “refuge” for all who need courage in these difficult times.


Nevertheless, the UCKG seeks to maintain its pattern of work in compliance with the laws that have been enacted by the Australian Government in relation to the activities of religious group gatherings.


For more information about your local branch, please call 02 9602 9837 or message us 0412 773 640

Water, soap, hand sanitiser, distance between seats: Find out all the measures implemented by the Church.


The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is announcing the measures it has taken towards preventing the spread of the coronavirus:


  • In places where a limit was imposed on the number of people allowed in religious temples, the Universal Church is following the quota set by the authorities and is controlling the entrance of the public. If necessary, the number of meetings will be increased to serve all who seek help from the church.


  • Before entering the service, visitors are offered hand sanitiser or soap and water to wash their hands.


  • Inside the churches, people are told to sit far from each other, keeping at least one or two empty chairs between them.


  • Prayers involving the laying of hands will be avoided.

  • We also recommend that elderly people with fragile health remain at home.

The Universal Church is open and operating; however, operating with caution.

UCKG HelpCentres


153 Northumberland St

Liverpool NSW 2170


2/1-11 Bryants Rd 

Dandenong VIC 3175 


121 Victoria Ave 

Chatswood NSW 2067 


4/3273 Logan Rd 

Underwood QLD 4119 


125 Main St 

Blacktown NSW 2148 


Dundas Community Centre 

21 Sturt St, Telopea NSW 2117 


(02) 9602 9837





0412 773 640

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