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NO MORE: Fights, arguments and division

Before coming to the church my life was miserable. I had no peace in my family, there were constant arguments and fights, and my children would not listen to me. My daughter could not stand being at home. She did not want to live there because she would see shadows at night, she would say that she saw someone standing in front of her bedroom door. She would wake up crying and yelling, my husband and I would try and comfort her but we did not know what to do. We were afraid of what people might say or think about us.


Things were going wrong. My daughter became really sick and was admitted to hospital. When the doctors checked to see what the problem was, they said there was nothing wrong with her. They said that she did not have any illness. She would go to the hospital to take a heavy dosage of medication that would make her feel drowsy, so she could sleep.


My sister invited us to come to the church, she said, “just come for one day, if nothing changes you don’t have to come back.” I thought it’s just for one day, I’m not going to lose anything. So I went to the church, and I said to God, “If you are a real God, take all the burdens off my shoulders, give me peace, it feels like I haven’t slept for ages because of the problems that are going on in my family, marriage, finances, and in my children”. After that prayer, I had a peaceful sleep, which I haven’t had for a long time. All these changes occurred since the day we started attending the church. My husband felt sick and we had to go to the hospital because he had epilepsy. I anointed my husband’s head with the oil and said “sickness leave my husband right now!” His body relaxed, he got discharged from the hospital, nothing was wrong, the records were all clear and he went home perfectly fine.


A few days later, I was baptised with the Holy Spirit. When I received the Holy Spirit I was filled with joy and happiness, there was no void inside me, there was no sadness inside me, and there was no stress. I was not worried about my family because I knew that I had put them into God’s hands and He would look after them. Today my whole family is on the Altar. Today my family is united and together, I have peace inside me, and I have the Holy Spirit inside of me. He guides me in everything and continues to bless me in every area of my life.


Dharmen & Irene Singh

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