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Understand what it is and know how to do it, step by step.


This Sunday, November 19, the period of the “Fast of Daniel” begins, which runs until December 10.


In this text, you will find detailed instructions on how to do the Fast of Daniel. To do it, you need to abstain from things that distract you in order too have more communion with God.


What is the Fast of Daniel:


It is a period of time for those who want to get closer to God. It is based on the fast that Daniel did, which is described in the book of Daniel, chapter 10.


For three weeks, Daniel fasted to draw closer to God and gain favour, wisdom and understanding and did not eat pleasant food.


Why do the Fast of Daniel:


Because it is a time when you will show God that He is the most important thing in your life. You will spend 21 days fasting and denying yourself pleasures and entertainment that draw you away from Him.


What is the objective:


The main objective is to receive the Holy Spirit. That is, for 21 days, you will stay away from the pleasures of this world to seek Him.


Above all, the Fast of Daniel is an opportunity for you to draw closer to the Most High and start a new life with Him.


How to do the Fast of Daniel:


First of all, for 21 days, you need to abstain from secular entertainment, secular music and secular news. Just as Daniel did not eat any delicacies and desirable foods, you will stop consuming these types of content - which are pleasant to your flesh.


Connect with God, read the Bible more and look for Christian content that can feed your faith during the Fast.


Don’t waste too much time on social media. If you don’t use it for work, you should stay away from it a little bit to put all your focus on receiving the Holy Spirit.


What to watch during the Fast:


You can watch movies, TV series and content that will help you get closer to God.


But be careful not to get caught up in entertainment. The aim of this Fast is that you develop your personal relationship with God, abandoning wrong actions and fixing your relationship with Him in a sincere conversation.

Sanctification in the Fast of Daniel:


Thus, it is possible to notice that the aim of this Fast is to seek to be sanctified before God, separating yourself from this world to live in union with Him. The mentality that’s been dominating this world has made people move further and further away from Divine principles. Thus, the Fast of Daniel goes against this, leading the person to regain the image and likeness of God - something that sin stole from humanity (Genesis 1:26 and Genesis 3).

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