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My life was heading towards destruction

I don’t think my story is tragic. Yes! I’ve lived horrible and unthinkable things but I’d say that my story is proof of how something amazing can come from something bad when you choose not to give up. I The addiction to alcohol started developing in my husband, and then gradually got out of control. He got to the point where he would feel the need to drink every day. I suffered from insomnia, so I couldn’t sleep in peace. My marriage was destroyed because my husband was an alcoholic and this caused a lot of fights and arguments between us. There was no peace inside our home. I would arrive home from work and see my husband drunk. He would constantly lock himself in the room. He also suffered from severe depression, to the point of not leaving the room for many months. This situation made me sad and frustrated. Along with these problems, I didn’t feel physically well. I suffered from a lot of pain in my body and could not find a solution. I visited witch doctors to put an end to the misery, but the problems only got worse.


One day we decided to put an end to his addiction and depression because we could not handle it anymore. We started attending church services, obeying the voice of God, that’s when God touched me. Finally, we were healed and delivered from all the addictions. The burden and heaviness that was on me disappeared from my life. From that moment our vision changed, I started to see things differently and my heart’s desire changed. I developed a deep desire to help those who are suffering from depression and addictions because of what God did in my life. When I see people coming to the church with many problems, I have a deep desire to help them because it reminds me of how I used to be.


Today we can say our marriage has been completely restored, my husband and I are truly happy, we are together and we don’t dwell on the past anymore. The Holy Spirit in me has brought peace and happiness. The house is now a place where we relax and enjoy each other’s company. I have stopped having sleepless nights and I’m a strong person inside. My life has been transformed, I now have inner peace and joy.


Nirupa & Satish Kumar

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