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MAY 23

What if you could start all over again?

Many regret some decisions they made in the past. What can we do about it?


It’s hard to forget about the past  but we can recreate our future. The big question that arises is the following: “what would you do differently?”. Many would certainly say “EVERYTHING!”, and as they attribute their current state to successive errors. “If I had acted differently in a certain situation, it would certainly not have happened x, y, z…” and so they analyse everything they had done or failed to do that eventually led to their failure or current state of imbalance. Many go even further, wishing they could be born again so that their lives could be rewritten.


However, regardless of belief, age, gender or social status, it is always possible to start over. The great lie conveyed by the society in which we live is that there are elements that limit us or prevent us from correcting our mistakes, which is not true, because we decide our future.

Biblical faith has a pact with God, not religion. This is an intelligent, rational faith that comes from the Spirit of Faith and brings benefits to your everyday life.

God has given us the right to choose. Each person follows their own faith and thinking and will reap from its benefits or imprudent decisions.

Each person has a life according to his or her faith. When someone’s life goes from bad to worse, it is certainly because of their faith. We cannot blame God, other people, fate, karma, luck, or the like. This is why 23rd of May 7:30am & 9:30am the Re-Create Event will take place. To give you a life changing opportunity. (See locations below)

What’s the Re-create Event all about?


In this event you will learn the process to re-create your future, despite the wrong decisions you've made. Through faith you will learn how to recreate yourself in all the areas of your life.

It is for anyone who wants to become a better person, find strength, and unleash big changes in their lives. The perfect combination of practical teachings and life changing results.

Who can attend?


Everyone is welcome.

How much does it cost?


It’s completely free. 

Can I bring children?


There will be a special area for the children. Our Kid’s Zone team will organise activities and take care of them for you, while you receive the prayers.


Have any other questions or wish to attend? Call us now on (02) 9602 9837. You can also email us at


SUNDAY 23rd MAY AT 7:30AM & 9:30AM

Real Stories
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I would constantly fight with my sisters verbally and physically. There was a time I fought with my youngest sister because I used her perfume and she didn’t like that; so she pushed me and I fought back and broke her front teeth and she had to quickly go to the dentist as it was bleeding intensely.


I was bad at managing my finances I’d get paid and within a few days I was already broke. I was spending more than I was making. I was constantly in debts.


When I was about 17 years old I started to have spiritual attacks. I became so afraid of sleeping at night that I began to sleep with the light on or my door would be kept open. I reached the point of me being choked in my sleep, gasping for air, but not being able to do anything.


When I came to the UCKG HelpCentre and I decided to put into practice the advice that I was taught it would change my life forever. Now I am free from the energy that pulled me back in life. Today I am no longer the same, I have inner peace, I have a better relationship now with my family. And most importantly I’m happy today. I make my decision by faith, my decision changed my life.

Akeelah Marial

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photo_2021-04-20 09.26.40.jpeg

I was addicted, depressed, suffering from insomnia, spiritual attacks and a destroyed family. I became a very bitter, angry and judgemental person. Today I’m no longer depression or addicted, I value myself as a woman and I love spending time with my family. I have peace and I am truly happy from within.


Leuga Faaolatane

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I was doing weed, ecstasy and cocaine and I was really dependent on drugs to enjoy life. But after  I would take drugs I would get really bad head pains that could last for weeks and I would have to lock myself in my room because I couldn't look at the light. I was really depressed, very alone and I didn’t see the point in living.


Today I am very content and at peace. I don’t feel the need to be partying or taking drugs. I feel very content and I feel true peace.


Alec Simmons

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Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 3.38.22 pm (1)

I became an alcoholic. I would drink every afternoon afterwork to temporarily ease the pain that I was suffering. This addiction created problems in my marriage and my family began to despise me. I would feel really down and I would lock myself in the room and wouldn’t come out. I would have thoughts about ending my life.


Today, I no longer feel down or want to be isolated, I'm longer depend on alcohol. My marriage is restored and we love each other and find pleasure to spend time together, today we are happy.


Satish Kumar

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Awen Matian.jpg

I was very empty inside and no matter what I tried to do to fill that space nothing worked. I tried to fill it with relationships that only made things worse. I sought help at the UCKG HelpCentre and learned how to have peace, love and joy inside of me. Today I’ve learned to love myself and I’m genuinely happy.


Awen Matian

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I was lost, angry and rude. I would party all night and just go straight to work, without having any sleep. I would waste my money unnecessarily and only eat once a day. I didn’t care about anything or take advice from anyone,. After coming to the Universal, I stopped needing to go out to be happy, I got my life back on track and I am now happy and everything has changed.


Alies Bol

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photo_2021-04-20 14.57.35.jpeg

I was a girl who looked happy on the outside, But I was miserable inside. I would crying myself to sleep and plan ways to kill myself I heard voices saying “ kill yourself and your issues will end.”  I would cut myself hoping to cut the vein and bleed to death, stabbing myself with a knife, I would inhale bleach and listen to sad music to make myself cry until my head was heavy. Until I got help I finally found help.  Today I no longer want to kill myself, I am a very happy person and don't need to fake it, I no longer cry myself to sleep. I’m free from depression and I now have inner peace.


Emelda Ferguson

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photo_2021-04-20 15.34.26.jpeg

I’d been suffering from depression for 40 years. During this time I was on medication to keep my depression under control but it just didn’t work. I tried my best but found it practically impossible to tackle it. Until I came to the Universal. Today I no longer have depression and I feel amazing!


Kerry Horsley


I was a unhappy and unfulfilled person. I would go clubbing a lot because I wanted to fill that void that was inside me by partying and hanging out with friends and feel good for a moment. However whenever I was alone there was still that emptiness and deep sadness.


Today I’m happily married and have a wonderful relationship that is based not only on love but also respect, faithfulness and understanding. We’re very happy, strong and united in everything that we do.


Sarah Dok

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