Most often than not, you can tell when you are sick or becoming sick. You wake up in the morning and your throat feels slightly raw; you start sniffing and your body feels weak. From these symptoms, you know that you are catching a cold or the troublesome flu. And there are even worse symptoms for deadlier viruses.


When you realise that you are sick or starting to get sick, you do what is necessary to deal with it and get better immediately. You don’t want to risk being immobilised for days or having to take sick leave off work, because you have no time for that. So, you take medicine and use natural remedies to recover. You rest and sleep more to strengthen your weakened and exhausted muscles.


With deadlier viruses, you need to be vaccinated so that your body can identify the disease and your immune system can fight it from the inside.


This principle also applies to our spiritual life. The devil uses contagious viruses to contaminate our faith. If he succeeds, this is when one’s faith becomes sick, and there are tell-tale symptoms that give away spiritual sickness.


Every Sunday, we have been gaining a detailed insight into the viruses that the devil uses to weaken people’s spiritual immune system. We have also been discovering the vaccines needed to combat these viruses and get our spiritual lives in top form.


This study is not just for those whose faith is sick. It is obvious that prevention is better than cure. Even when your body is well and strong, you need to take good care of it in order to avoid any sickness.


So, choose the wise option of using this study to protect your faith before it encounters any harm and pays the price for it.

Event: 7 Sundays to Boost Your Spiritual Immune System
Day: Every Sunday
Time: 9:30am
Address: At your local UCKG HelpCentre.


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