What is the Root Event?

Do you sometimes wonder:

• Why can’t I get rid of this problem?

• Why do my problems go away for a while and then come back with a vengeance?

• Why does my relationship/health/financial life/family never seem to flourish like other people’s do? 


The Root Event is a series of 5 meetings that will help you uncover the root of your problems and root them out permanently.


When we want to get rid of a tree permanently, we know we must kill the root. The reason why we get frustrated with our problems is often because we keep dealing with the “leaves and branches” of our problems, the things we see, but not with the root causes that feed them.


For instance,  a couple may deal with the problem of constant fighting by apologising to each other, promising to be nicer next time, managing to keep the peace for a few days, until a new argument comes up and the cycle starts again. 


What they may not realise is that apologies and promises to change are like cutting off leaves and branches of a tree. Give it time, and they’ll grow again. A permanent solution will only come from cutting off the root of all the arguments.

The problem is that, like most people, the person may not even know what the root cause of their problem is!

This is where the Root Event will help you. You will learn to identify the root of your problems and how to kill it off.

It's not normal

You probably have noticed

• The dried up tree in the middle of the Above photo – something is wrong with;

• All the other trees around it are green and healthy.

Intelligence immediately tells us that the problem with that dried up tree is at it’s root. It can’t be the surroundings, otherwise the other trees would be dried up too. It’s not normal for that tree not to flourish in those surroundings, unless something is wrong with its root.

We can reach the same conclusions when we look at our lives.

It is NOT normal:

• To repeatedly fail in your relationships;

• To work hard and never have money;

• To be sick all the time;

• To feel empty inside or depressed;

• To be addicted;

• To have no peace in your marriage or family;

• To never accomplish anything.


No matter what people have told you about this, deep inside yourself something tells you that that’s not the way your life should be. That’s the voice you should listen to.

Event Info

There is a Root to every problem

When will it be? 


The Root Event starts Sunday, November 24th and continues for four more Sundays until December 22nd.


What are the times of these meetings? 


Attend Sunday: 9:30am. Expect each meeting to last around one hour and a half. *times may vary according to location.


What about parking?


Free parking is available at all our locations. We advise to arrive early to secure parking.


Who will be the speakers?


This event is not about the speakers themselves, but about the powerful information that will be presented to you, and about your decision to solve your problems permanently. The local pastor at each location will conduct the event.


Is there an admission fee? Do I have to buy anything?


No and no. This event is sponsored by donors. If the meetings help you and you feel like giving a donation, you are free to do so, but it’s not a requirement. What we do require is that you commit the time to attend the meetings so you can learn and get results.


Will you have child care?


Yes. Our Kids Zone facilities and trained teachers will be happy to keep your kids safe and productively entertained while you focus on the meeting.

Will I have to speak about my problem to anyone? 


You won’t have to. You’re welcome to simply come in, sit down, and listen. But if you want to speak to someone, there will be counselors available for a one-to-one. During the seven weeks, the event presenters will also be available by appointment for a one-to-one session. This could be very helpful to address your specific needs.

How the Root Event will help you 

The Root Event starts on 24/11/19 as a series of five meetings over five Sundays. As you progress through the meetings, you will learn:


• How to uncover the root of your problems;

• How to cut off the root;

• How to put down new, good roots for a permanent change.


All the teaching will be Bible-based – which does NOT mean only Christians can attend. God doesn’t wear a label, so everyone is welcome regardless of their faith or lack of it. 

Event location


The location will be held at: 

153 Northumberland Street 

Liverpool NSW 2170



While everyone is welcome, we encourage you not to attend this event unless you are really serious about dealing with the root of your problems. This event is not about coming to hear a famous preacher or a cool Gospel band. It’s for people who really want to change their life, who want results, and are willing to do what it takes.

My life was destroyed. While I was studying. I was abused mentally and physically in my marriage and I was empty inside. I couldn’t sleep at night, I had very low self-esteem and I was taking anti-depressants for 6 months. As a result of all of this I tried to commit suicide 3 times. There came a time where I learned to use my internal strength to remove these negative things from my life. I removed the energy of depression and this has transformed my life. 


My marriage is now wonderful, I have peace and I can sleep well. I no longer have depression nor do I have suicidal thoughts. I learned to uproot my problems. 



My life was a mess and it all began within my marriage. My husband had cheated on me and was beating me physically. I developed so much anger which led to me drinking alcohol, smoking, gambling and I wanted to commit suicide.

When I learned to use my internal strength I saw immediate changes within myself and my marriage. I found happiness and peace. I no longer have a bad relationship with my husband and children. I removed the roots of divorce.

Hinemoa Faaola Vai

I was a slave of alcohol. I spent 13 years on alcohol. I was on drugs, smoking cigarettes, smoking marijuana and I’ve tried pretty much everything, including ice. I lost 2 marriages and tried committing suicide twice by taking pills. 


Today, I am free from drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. I no longer have anger issues; everything has changed. I’m happy and have peace inside and want to help others achieve the same!



I was stuck in a cycle of problems. I was also diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in my womb, and was told by the doctor that I would not be able to have children any more. I was so vulnerable and depressed due to all the problems I was facing. 


When I learned to use my internal strength, my family was restored. I am also healthy and have another baby. My financial life is very good, I have peace and joy inside of me and removed the roots of my health problems.


Leah Ortiz

The UCKG does not claim to heal people but believes that God can through the power of faith. Always follow your doctor’s instructions.

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