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I had knee pain for two years and I would work in a job that I had to stand for many hours in. I had so much pain that I needed to use a knee cap and take strong medication to relieve the pain. When I started coming to the Universal Church and heard about the blessed water, I began to use the water in faith and the pain left.



I was coming the Universal Church and hearing about the blessed water. I told my uncle who had cancer all about it as well. I received the blessed water in the church and gave it to my uncle. I thought to myself that if this blessed water does not work, then nothing is going to work. I told him to take a couple of sips every day. I went back to see him after some time and found out that he was healed from the cancer. He doesn’t have the cancer anymore.



I had a fluid running from my nose constantly as if it was a running tap. I saw the doctors and they told me that I had a fracture in the brain and that was why the fluid from the brain was coming out through the nose. My family began to look into me travelling overseas to have a surgery done but I decided to come to the church to seek help. I received the blessed water and drank it in faith. The following morning, I had an MRI. I did the scan and nothing appeared. Everyone in my family was surprised. Even the neurologist was shocked and asked what happened. Since that day until now, I never suffered from that problem again.



My mother had a chronic stomach disease for 20 years that made her feel really sick. She spent a lot of money and visited many doctors but there was no solution. I would drink a little bit of the water and also rub a little bit of it on my stomach, praying that whatever was there would be removed. One day my mother called me to say that she had been healed.



I suffered from arthritis for 4 years. I was in pain 24/7, couldn’t walk properly and this caused problems at my work. I received the blessed water at the church and began to use my faith by drinking it. I am free from the arthritis in my legs. I can now work without pain.



I had many goals for my business so I decided to sprinkle some of the blessed water on the properties of the clients that I dealt with. I would also called the companies that I used the water on. They ended up accepting my work, I signed contracts with them and I’m prospering.



My sister was diagnosed with two stomach ulcers. Under one of the ulcers there was cancer. When she was discharged from the hospital, she drank the blessed water every day. In the next biopsy, the ulcers were gone and there was no sign of the cancer. It was all gone.



The doctors told me that I had an open ulcer and needed to operate on it as soon as possible. I had been feeling the pain since I was a teenager. I came to the Church and received the bottle of blessed water and began to drink it in faith. I started seeing a difference after a few days and was very happy because I didn’t have be operated on. I do not have the ulcer anymore, I don’t have the pain, I’m totally healed.




I had stomach pain for a very long time. I went to so many places to fix my problems but couldn't find any souloution. I drank the blessed water every day with faith and, before the 7th day, the pain left.



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